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PlayStation Network Code Generator

Now you can generate free PSN codes everywhere you go, thanks to our new online PSN code generator. Our online PSN code generator requires no download and is fully compatible with all devices (including smartphones and tablets). Simply enter your PlayStation Network ID, select your account region out of the menu, and connect to the online generator. Once a secure connection has been established, select your desired PlayStation Network code, and hit the ‘Generate Code’ button. It usually takes less than a minute to process a request. All generated codes are validated automatically during creation.

In case you don't have a PlayStation ID, or don't want to disclose it to us, enter any valid e-mail address instead. Your provided e-mail address will become your personal identifier on all future visits (instead of your PlayStation ID). Temporary email addresses are welcome, however you will will lose access once your temporary email address expires. We recommend Gmail or Yahoo should you want to create a new email address to use with our service.

Who can use the PSN code generator?

All users of the PlayStation Network are welcome to use our service. Codes generated with our PSN code generator can be redeemed worldwide without any restrictions. All codes are in U.S. Dollar. The value will be converted to your account currency automatically by Sony. The currency exchange is free of charge for the user and utilizes the most recent exchange rates.

How many free PSN codes can I claim?

You can generate up-to three free PSN codes per day. Once you have reached this limit, you will have to wait at least 24 hours before you can generate any more codes.

Can my account get banned for using this service?

The codes that have been generated with our online generator are indistinguishable from the original ones and will never result in a suspension of your account.

Abide by the rules and you will not run into any trouble.

How long are the generated codes valid?

All codes expire exactly 365 days after they have been created.

Video demo and current feedback

Watch the short demo video to see how everything works.

See what other think about our generator with the feeback below. Please note that you will only be able to leave feedback once you have used the generator.

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    How it works

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